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Match Reports: 2013

SARPA Hunter league Rd5 - Westfield ARC 12th May 2013


SARPA Hunter league Rd5 - Westfield ARC 12th May 2013

Like a proud Highland warrior, Andy McFarlane looked on with pride, perhaps a tear in his eye, and definitely sweat on his brow at the 90 shooters in attendance when taking his mighty perch for the safety brief.

Wilding his whistle, and in his pocket the mighty horse inseminator, perhaps it was a target tester, we were to find out.


Match Report: SARPA Hunter league Rd4 - New Caledonian ARC 21st April 2013


SARPA Hunter league Rd4 - New Caledonian ARC 21st April 2013

Approaching this one, I was thinking during the blustery week how to start it off. Always good to get the weather in early, and by all accounts, from a week out to the morning of the shoot, high winds and rain were on the cards. I envisaged, painting a scene from a Nam movie with biting rain, and perhaps a simile of the wind rattling through the New Caly forest likened to that of a Star wars speeder bike weeving through the forest in Return of the Jedi.


Match Report: SARPA Hunter league Rd1 - NASGARC 10th March 2013


SARPA Hunter league Rd1 - NASGARC 10th March 2013 

A field of about 60 riflemen, rifleladies, and rifleyoungadults dragged themselves from their warm beds to brave the cold on the wintery hillside of North Ayrshire shooting grounds for the inaugural shoot in the SARPA Hunter league series hosted by NASGARC.


Excitement was running high through heavy promotion of the event from NASGARC Secretary and top bloke Alex Lindsay on the Scottish airgunner forum (http://scottishairgunner.com/chat/).

The wintery weather was balanced against the warm welcome and excellent facilities at NASGARC. Hot tea and a sit down at the cafe with excellent food on offer and real toilets, couple this with an indoor range, it was almost a shame to leave the creature comforts to face the first course of the year.

However, it was well worth it, NASGARC put an excellent challenging course together and not content with this, they also ordered up a special side order of driving snow and swirling strong winds to give even the top shots a worthy challenge.

Target 17 forty up yards up on a hill with hardly a splash mark on it being especially memorable - many a doughnut was had on that one.

At the hand in of the cards there was many 30 and 40 odds, with they’ll be no 50+’s today. Alas there was, exceptional shooting by Bill Kerr (NASGARC) with a 50 for 2nd place and a 51 for Greg Morse (DARC) to take first place in the Open. Side note, the disappointment was evident in Greg’s face initially as he was told by his good buddy and champion japestar Phil Goodwin that he had scored a 53, nothing like the banter and a bit of tomfoolery at the HFT.

Special mention, out to the juniors Neil Ross and Thomas Leckie who had a shoot off for 1st place in the 9 to 13’s and to Andy Lambie and David Reardon (3rd place recoiling) for facing quite possibly the worse conditions for a shoot of that you can imagine. Unsupported kneeling and stander’s in blustery buffeting winds tested these guys to the limits.

Also a mention to the lads of Grampian ARC who braved the snow to travel to Ayrshire for this shoot.

Thanks going out to NASGARC for an excellent days shooting, congratulations to the winners and all that took part.



John McBam 


Match report: SARPA Hunter league Rd3 - Dechmont ARC 7th April 2013

SARPA Hunter league Rd3 - Dechmont ARC 7th April 2013

The HFT lads and ladettes were out in force for the coming of spring and Round 3 of the SARPA Hunter league hosted at Decmont ARC.

The Kypeside shoot for Round 2 was unfortunately cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions at that time, leaving the Scottish HFTers hungry for the challenge of a good shoot.

Dechmont did not disappoint, spring was in the air, with temperate temperatures and a light breeze. Today was going to be a day of good scores and nobody drowning in the mud of the winter series.


Fresh from the World’s our illustrious champion Greg Morss and several members of the 3rd placed Scots team were in attendance. Scotland team member and youthful contender to the throne Marc Elder was on to a clear course, but it wasn’t to be. Morss v Elder, the King of WHFTA v the young pretender with 59 a piece were pitted against each other for a shoot of for 1st place.

Youth vs. experience, the tension was high. The cool as a cucumber Morss emerged victorious in the shoot off. Can see the beginnings of quite a challenge in the series for a tight fight to top spot in the open class.

In a few years time I can see young Hogan Kerr, being a force to be reckoned with scoring an impressive 49 in the 9-13’s.

The springer class had a great showing with nine shooters including Davy Kay who was shooting a HW77 with open sights! Top stuff and great seeing a strong field of boingers.

All in all was a great days shooting. With the excellent weather considering the polar conditions we have to deal with of late, and the great atmosphere that this brings, we look forward to Round 4 at New Caledonian on 21st April.

Thanks going out to Dechmont for an excellent days shooting, congratulations to the winners and all that took part.

John McBam