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About Pistol shooting 2014

S.A.R.P.A Postal Pistol League 2014

All target cards must have a suitable backstop or a safe fallout zone behind.

There must be NO OBSTRUCTIONS that may cause dangerous ricochets in the shooters line of sight from the pistol’s muzzle to the target.

Try to keep lanes/firing positions in a straight line firing outwards to avoid forward lanes/firing positions, which could endanger one shooter from another shooter standing behind in a neighbouring lane/firing position.

Ensure your lanes/firing positions are clearly defined.

Rope or barrier off any routes, which could permit shooters or spectators from entering into the firing/fallout zones.

Competition Format and Rules

Competition cost £5 per shooter to be collected by the club and paid to SARPA ASAP. Cheques can be sent in with the competition cards.

The only targets to be used will be Bisley black and white paper targets.

It makes reading scores from target cards easier if they are hung from a wire line using bulldog clips. Target cards fixed to boards are much more difficult to score correctly.

Flat nosed pellets (wad cutters) are only to be used.

Shooter’s lanes/firing positions will be drawn lottery style at each round to avoid any shooters gaining an unfair advantage in terms of lighting at each lane/firing position.

All shooters competing in the S.A.R.P.A Postal Pistol League must be at least Nine years of age any Junior shooter must be appropriately supervised by their club at all times.

All competitors get five shots at each of their six Bisley black and white target cards at each round (any card with more than five shots in it shall be discarded and not replaced).

Each participating club will be responsible for electing an event marshal, whose duties will include; safety, scoring/witnessing target cards and ensuring league rules are adhered to.

On completion of their five shots at each target card all shooters should make his/her pistol safe and raise his/her arm. Once all shooters have raised their arms the on duty marshal should shout “CLEAR TO CHANGE TARGETS” before competitors go forward of the firing line. Once competitors have changed their target cards and returned to their lanes/firing positions the on duty marshal should shout “safe to begin firing”. This procedure should be repeated for all six target cards.

Each competitor shall be allowed to forward their two highest scoring target cards from each round to the S.A.R.P.A Match Secretary address shall be made available to competitors in the league only.

A pellet hole on a target card must break the white line between each score band in order for the shooter to claim the higher score for the shot. (The score collator’s decision will be final).

All Target cards must be correctly scored, filled in and witnessed in block capitals before being forwarded to the score collator (score, shooter’s name, shooting style, make, model and calibre of pistol, club name, witness and date).

Pistols used can be powered by spring, CO2, multi stroke pneumatic, single stroke pneumatic or pre charged pneumatic, and .177 calibre Only with Iron sights. (Maximum power output of 6 ft lbs)

The targets will be placed at a distance of 10 metres from the muzzle of the shooters pistol, and a height of approximately 1400mm + or – 100mm.

All able bodied shooters must take their shots from a free standing position (disabled shooters who cannot achieve this posture will be allowed to shoot from a seated position).

Shooters can shoot using the one handed style or two handed police style.

Trophies will be awarded for the first five highest scoring individual shooters, and the first three placed club teams.

Overall league scores for individuals will be worked out by adding their highest scoring eight rounds over the fourteen rounds. This gives all shooters a chance to miss up to six rounds and still be in contention.

Team scores will be worked out by adding the two highest scoring shooters best eight rounds together to create an overall club team score.

Due to each club having different access to their facilities there will be no set dates for rounds of the league to take place, however there will be set dates for the return of each rounds score cards (any club failing to return it’s score cards to the score collator in time will forfeit that round), return dates are as follows:

Round 1 21st April

Round 2 5th May

Round 3 19th May

Round 4 2nd June

Round 5 16th June

Round 6 30th June

Round 7 14th July

Round 8 28th July

Round 9 11th August

Round 10 25th August

Round 11 8th September Scores will be delayed as on Honeymoon posted by 27th

Round 12 22nd September Scores will be delayed as on Honeymoon posted by 27th

Round 13 6th October

Round 14 27th October

Trophies will be handed out at the 2014 SARPA AGM.