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10m Rifle rules proposal


SARPA 10 Metre Postal Pistol & Rifle Leagues

Range: 10 metres – Calibre: .177 – Power: up to 6 ft.lbs. – Cost: £5 per shooter (each league).

Pistol/Rifle/Target Format

  • Pistols and rifles used in this competition can be powered by:
    • Spring
    • CO2
    • Single/multi-stroke pneumatic
    • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Pistols and rifles used can be recoiling or non-recoiling, but must be fitted with iron sights only.
    • No optical, hologram, or laser sights are allowed.
  • The power output of any pistol or rifle used in these competitions must not exceed 6 ft.lbs.
  • The only calibre allowed for both rifle and pistol is .177.
  • Only flat-nosed pellets (wad cutters) are allowed.
  • Cards shot with anything other than .177 flat-nosed pellets will be disqualified.
  • The only targets that can be used will be either:
    • NSRA AIR 4 pistol or AIR 3 rifle targets.
    • BISLEY black and white 10 metre air pistol/rifle targets.
      • (I bought my BISLEY targets from JSR).
  • Shooters must be at least nine years of age.
    • All junior shooters must be supervised at all times.
  • An event marshal (selected by the club) must be present when a competitor is shooting their competition cards.
    • The marshal's duties will include:
      • Safety,
      • Scoring/witnessing target cards,
      • Ensuring all competition rules are adhered to.