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SARPA Hunter League – SARPA Club Competition Scores 2015

SARPA Hunter League – SARPA Club Competition Scores 2015

For 2015 shoots the Club competition scoring will be different to previous years, to make the series more competitive.

For the ten rounds of the HFT league, the best four scores from any class posted by shooters from a club, will go to the club’s aggregate total for that round.

The best scoring club on the day will be awarded 12 points, the second best 11 points, the third best 10 points and so on. In the event of a tied score both clubs will receive equal points.

The club’s best six rounds will count towards the year’s total. In the event of a tie after all rounds, the number of 12 points or lower scores will be taken into account.

Shooters will only be allowed to shoot for one club during the year. They must be full paid-up members of that club, and the nominated club will be the one entered on the first score card they submit during the year. Should a shooter no longer wish to have their scores count for the club, they may choose to have their scores omitted by informing the SARPA HFT manager for the shoot they choose onwards, but their previous scores will still count and they will not be allowed to score for another club.

Trophies will be awarded to members of the winning club, numbers tbc.

Greg Morss