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SARPA HFT-X Rules (“HFT Extreme")


Issue of SARPA HFT-X Rules (“HFT Extreme”)

Preparatory Notes:

        1)      These competitions will be shot as an add-on to Sarpa FT shoots, and therefore the courses will be set out to BFTA Rules.

This means normally 40 targets, 2 per lane, ranges 10-55 yards. All targets will be 40-45mm except for reduced targets which may form up to 25% of the course. 2 of these may be 15mm, range 10-25 yards, otherwise 25mm, range 10-35 yards.

Each pair of targets will be shot from a lane with a peg or rod in the ground on either side, marked with the number of that target. The target must be clearly visible from a height of 21cm from the ground in the centre of the lane. HFT-X shooters should be aware that the target may not be visible from the prone position, and they cannot depend on the club setting the course having cleared any debris to allow prone shooting.

On a 40 target course there will be 4 standing and 4 kneeling targets, these are all unsupported, at a max distance of 45 yards.

    2)      Normal HFT safety Rules should apply, and it is assumed that these are broadly the same for FT and HFT shooters, eg only load your rifle when pointed over the firing line.

    3)      For those shooting HFT-X, the Rules stated below will be the exceptions to normal UKAHFT Rules/Format, if not stated then otherwise normal HFT rules will apply. For example, normal HFT scoring will be used.


 A)     Targets may be shot from inside or outside of the lane, as long as the muzzle is over the firing line, and the trigger behind the line. The general rule in HFT that the shooter or their rifle must be in contact with the peg will apply for HFT-X when the shooter takes the shot outside of the lane. When the shot is taken between the lane pegs, any position may be used, without the peg needing to be touched, to allow for the most chance of seeing a target prone. Either peg in a lane may be used for contact.

 B)     As in normal HFT rules, the butt of the gun may touch the ground, and any pegs may be used for support, but pistol grips/hamsters/forends etc must NOT rest on the ground, nor any other part of the rifle.

 C)     Kneeling and standing targets will be shot as designated, though kneeling lanes may be shot standing. HOWEVER, the above rule (A) must be maintained and there must be contact with a peg. Shooters are not allowed to wander away from the lane to find a tree to lean on.

 D)    Slings are allowed in FT rules for support in prone position and therefore will be allowed for HFT-X.

 E)     Shooters will be allowed to adjust the focus or parallax of their scope BEFORE looking through it at the target. Focusing your scope whilst looking at the target is not permitted, nor is re-adjustment of the scope after looking at the target. When shooting the second target in a lane, the shooter is permitted to take their eye away from the scope to re-adjust. A maximum of 12 x magnification is allowed.



Author Greg Morss – Sarpa HFT Manager, 1st March 2015. Amended 14th April.