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SARPA 10 Metre Postal Pistol & Rifle Leagues

SARPA 10 Metre Postal Pistol & Rifle Leagues

Range: 10 metres � Power: less than 6 ft.lbs. � Calibre: .177


  • Pistols and rifles used in this competition can be powered by:
    • Spring
    • CO2
    • Single/multi-stroke pneumatic
    • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Pistols and rifles may be recoiling or non-recoiling, but must be fitted with iron sights only.
    • No optical, hologram, or laser sights are allowed.
  • The power output of any pistol or rifle used in these competitions must not exceed 6 ft.lbs.
  • The only calibre allowed for both rifle and pistol is .177.
  • Only flat-nosed pellets (wad cutters) are allowed.
  • Cards shot with anything other than .177 flat-nosed pellets will be disqualified.

  • The only targets that can be used will be either:
    • NSRA AIR 4 pistol or AIR 3 rifle targets.
    • BISLEY black and white 10 metre air pistol/rifle targets.
      • (I bought my BISLEY targets from JSR).
  • Shooters may wear specialist shooting equipment (jackets, trousers, shoes, etc) if they so wish.

Competition Format

  • The shooting range is 10 metres.
  • Shooters must shoot their pistol one handed, ISSF style.
  • Shooters must be at least nine years of age.
    • Any junior shooter must be appropriately supervised at all times.
  • An event marshal (selected by the club) must be present when a competitor is shooting their competition cards.
    • The marshal's duties will include:
      • Safety,
      • Scoring/witnessing target cards,
      • Ensuring all competition rules are adhered to.
  • Both competitions will be shot over 10 rounds.
    • Each round must be shot by the date specified in the paperwork.
    • Shooters can shoot up to 3 rounds in advance.
  • The first round, together with the best 7 rounds out of the remaining 9 rounds 
    will be used to calculate the overall score.
    • In theory, competitors need only shoot a total of 8 rounds if they so wish, 
      but the first round score will always count so it is in the shooter's interest to shoot it.
  • Each round will consist of 2 cards.
    • The shooter will put 5 shots on each card.
      • Pistol: 5 shots on the one diagram.
      • Rifle : 1 shot on each of the five diagrams.
    • Both cards must be shot at the same shooting session.
  • There must be no more than 5 shots on each card.
    • Any cards that are found to have more than 5 shots will be disqualified and cannot be replaced.
      • Any card with less than 5 shots will be accepted.
Once the cards have been shot, competitors and marshals will do the following on each target.
  • The competitor will put their name (print it), signature and the date in the correct places.
  • The marshal will witness the card and enter the estimated score.
    • Do not put a plug gauge in the shot holes � that�s the score collator�s job.

The cards for each round must reach the league scorer within seven days of the due shot date.

Competition Procedures

Cards secured against a backstop are much more difficult to score correctly. 
If cards are hanging freely, try clipping extra bulldog clips to the bottom of the card to steady them. 
Distorted shot holes may cause the card to be disqualified.
  • Target cards should be secured in such a way that shot holes are not distorted by the backstop.
  • Targets must be placed at a distance of 10 metres from the forward foot.
  • The height of the target should be 1400mm � 10mm
  • A pellet hole on a target card must break the white line between each score band in order to claim the higher score.
    • The league scorer�s decision will be final.
  • All able bodied shooters must take their shots from a free standing position.
    • Disabled shooters who cannot achieve this posture may shoot from a seated position.
  • Team scores for each round are calculated by adding the best two scores from the nominated team members.
    • Team scores are calculated using the same system as for individual scores.
  • Depending on the numbers participating, trophies will be awarded in each league for:
    • The top 3 highest scoring individuals.
    • The top 2 highest scoring club teams.