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Black day for Airgunners

Well it’s here, the SNP have rolled out their manifesto commitment of tight control on Airguns, we have worked hard to convince them to run a light handed cost effective and engaging strategy. If you spend time reading the bill it doesn't get much heavier and costly short of an outright ban.

Not only are individuals to be licenced but also clubs must be licenced and approved which means we'll all need to pull together to build on the network of successful clubs we have today. 

On the positive side efforts to build a national alliance to provide facilities took another small step forward, we will need new sites for new clubs as well es even more coaches and trainers to address the needs of future airgun shooters.

We have all the policies and procedures in place across our clubs as well as the new regimen of instructors so are in good shape for the future, demand for properly run clubs has never been higher so it’s Onwards and upwards. Airgun shooting in Scotland will go on!